Forget the hassle of using multiple mobile banking apps to manage your finances and carry out your daily banking needs. We have created the only mobile banking app that you will ever need!

Infin8 is redesign the banking experience.

Let’s face it! Nobody likes banking (except bankers that is). It is just something that we have to do. What we do care about is making our dreams come true, such as buying a house, providing college education for our children or going for holidays to an exotic destination.  Most of us maintain multiple relationships with multiple banks and this is a burden. Typically we have to use many different mobile banking apps and we carry out different tasks on each of these apps. For example, we pay our electricity bill from one app, we pay our mortgage from another and so on. Well, forget all this!

 Key features

Carry out all daily banking needs from a single app

Forget the financial jargon. We have simplified banking for you

Initiate transactions such as transfers, peer-to-peer payments and bill payments.

Compare different banking products across banks and apply

Get advice on the best banking product for her specific needs

Manage finances across different banks

Get advice for the best payment method with the lowest transaction fees

Get location based offers

We are revolutionizing the banking experience.

We have created the only mobile banking app that you will ever need. At the first version of our solution the following features are included:

Holistic views of your finances regardless of how many banking products you have with different banks

No financial jargon

You can see at one glance how much money you have, how much money you owe and how much money you can spend

Initiate bank transfers

Transfer money from any of your accounts or cards to another account or card

Details of all your financial products

Easy login through finger print recognition

History of transactions with clever filtering

Multi-language support

We are working hard day and night to add new features. Some of the features that are coming up shortly are:

Peer-to-peer payment, i.e. transfer money to your contacts in social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, gmail, LinkedIn, etc)

Banking product comparison

Recommendation of best payment method

Ability to apply for new banking products

Financial Advice based on your specific needs

Location based offers

International transfers

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